YouMe Yoga

Trauma informed Yoga Teacher training 300 TT

Join us for a life changing experience

Become an embodied leader, yoga teacher, bodyworker and spaceholder

We are proud to present that we collaborate with experts in different fields as yoga, bodywork, somatic-yoga, mindfulness, trauma therapy, neuropsychologist and clinical health professionals and offer this high quality education.



"Our mission is to pass on a solid, holistic, trauma informed method within yoga, bodywork and spaceholding.

We create education for people who want to dedicate themselves to a life changing experience. This teacher training is for you who want to work deeper with people on an embodied level."

Dynamic yoga/ Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative yoga



Sequencing Teaching skills: Pedagogy and body language


How to create a sacred space for yoga, mindfulness practice, meditation ex.: music, environment, and essential oils ​


Anatomy, connective tissue, nervous system


Individual customization ​


Yoga Philosophy


Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness ​


Yoga Somatic Touch/ bodywork

Space Holding ​


Therapeutic yoga/ Yoga for nervous system

Trauma informed yoga ​


Mantra Meditation Relaxation


Business support

Main teacher - Mette Solberg


Co teacher- Lisa Mari Kvalvik


Philosophy and mantras - Jannicke Wiel


Yoga somatic, bodywork and touch - Ateeka


Neuropsychologist - Tine Fjeldstad


Anatomy - Nina Urnes

All teachings will be on Norwegian except Ateekas weekend


8 live modules in person 8x 3 days at YouMe Yoga studio in Askøy


One week retreat 7 days in Jotunheimen


One monthly group call/ Integration call


Online Mastermind support


Closed f.b group with support from students and teachers

Online lectures

Educational material and binder

Module 1.  9-11 Sept 

Module 2.  7-9 Oct

Module 3.  18-20 Nov

Module 4.   6-8 Jan

Module 5.   3-5 Feb

Module 6.   10-12 Mar

Module 7.   14-16 April

Module 8.  26-28 May

Module 9.   26 June -2 July  (one week retreat and certification ceremony in Jotunheimen)



Your investment 59 000,- nok

Early bird price within 1 of June:

55 000,- nok book and find a payment plan within 1.6-2022

You can split the payment into different payment plans

We offer 3, 6 and 12 months payment plans

If you need a special payment plan please take contact with Lisa Mari at youmeyoga.lm@gmail.com


Our Retreat

In the magical mountains of Jotunheimen

This last module we move the location of the school into the heart of mama earth and we will stay at the most beautiful place in Jotunheimen.

This will be a time for us to really ground and integrate together with all the elements around us. In this beautiful place in Jotunheimen far away from the daily life back we will create the most sacred place for you to enter into an even deeper practice.

We will have a daily practice of yoga, bodywork, meditation, mindfulness, breath and relaxation.

We have a daily program we will go through, more theoretical and practical. 

We will explore the nature around us and of course go hiking to beautiful places.

 This week will be all about the integration part of really fine tuning your voice as an embodied leader, yoga teacher, bodyworker and spaceholder and to deepen into your personal self practice.

There will be invitations for you to enter into these sacred rituals, sharing, dancing and bonfire gatherings. 

We will share so much fun, laughter, joy and we will most likely share tears and all the other feelings as well. And the beauty of it all is that all is welcome here. You are welcome. 

This will be a time for you to listen and cultivate your needs, a time for you to empower the inner work and technical craft and deepen your personal growth.


Vegetarian & rawfood all week


About us

Welcome dear soul to our one year Trauma informed Yoga teacher training 300 TT.

This teacher training is for you who want to deepen into the world of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, bodywork and spaceholding. 

It´s for you who want to start your journey as a yoga teacher or if you already are an established yoga teacher looking to take your craft to the next level. 

We have handpicked some of the most inspiring teachers and experts in different fields and

we are so proud to present that they are all gonna teach one weekend each on this teacher training in our new studio in Askøy. 


This program will take you on a journey of self discovery and deep learning through a yoga and meditation practice, mindfulness, working with the breath, bodywork, Yoga somatic experience, study of the advanced principles of yoga, art of teaching, creative sequencing, asana alignment, philosophy, mantras, anatomy and the teachings of the nervous system as well as high level of support into the business of yoga, branding and social media

We combine a deep exploration of personal practice with advanced skill building sessions in order to guide you to develop as a professional yoga teacher and inspire you to find your own authentic teaching voice.


It is of high value that we together create this safe container where there is room for exploration, growth and a deeper connection.


When we can start to learn embody these beautiful sacred teachings it holds the potential of true self discovery.

It opens up to a recovery of our self trust and we can start to lean into the spontaneity, creativity and constant flow of life.


When we can embrace the quality of trust and bring it into our bodies, we bring ourselves back to this moment and into a place where we can alchemize the various feelings of separation and mistrust into endless possibilities.

We believe that when we work with the values of embodiment and intuition, cultivate genuine listening and stay true to what is, and not falling into the ideas of what we should do or that we need to master any specific skill,  then we enter into our own genius. 

We want to bring forward a teacher training that holds a holistic perspective with a high level of integrity.

We want to inspire and guide you and together with we build the solid foundation for you on your new adventure and journey of becoming a teacher in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath, awareness, bodyworker and  sacred spaceholder for the people and this planet Mama Earth. 


Do you feel the calling to do this training?

Maybe you need a change and have a longing for doing something else with your life, or just want to add on even more value and adventures into your life, or being a student and a part of this container and learning more about all these sacred tools and teachings. Or maybe you want to serve people on a deeper level or maybe you want to create a good and abundant business for yourself or maybe you do this solely for your own personal development and growth.

No matter what reason you have you are welcome into our space as long as the intention is true to you.

We are looking so forward to meet you

What is Trauma informed Yoga 

Trauma Informed Teacher Training - Trauma Sensitive Yoga
What is meant by Trauma informed Yoga, or what is also called «trauma-sensitive yoga», is a unique approach to yoga where it is about creating a safe framework for one's own choices, attentive presence in the body and stabilization of the nervous system.

Trauma sensitive yoga is based on a specific understanding of trauma, the method emphasizes its impact on the whole body and mind system, a holistic method as opposed to where one sees certain mental states isolated from the body.

We invite the participants instead of command.
Your teaching can be traditional, dynamic, vinyasa, yin or calm, what characterizes trauma-sensitive yoga is that this knowledge becomes like "a backdrop" or an understanding in the teaching that all participants come to class with different stories. The intention will not be to get the participants into a specific physical shape, but to open up an inviting space to try out, learn to listen to their own body and get in touch with their needs.
We do not work as therapists but intend to guide the participants home to themselves, open up and release tensions so that the body can become a good place to be. The road to a more internally controlled existence in relation to externally controlled.


We do not know the path to each individual, we respect that, but we open up a room so that everyone can explore their path that is unique.
Through Trauma informed Yoga teacher training you will in addition to asana, pedagogy, building lessons, philosophy etc, learn methods, techniques and tools for self-regulation. Among other things, you will learn exercises to regulate the nervous system and especially the vagus nerve.
In recent years, a lot of research has been done on yoga and mental health, what is largely highlighted is the yoga effect on the autonomic nervous system and especially the parasympathetic. Will will, among other things, have theory lessons about the function of this part of the nervous system.

With this education, we intend to give you a solid foundation to work with yoga and thus be able to accommodate participants who have various challenges both physically and mentally. 

Participants who do not have mental challenges or major trauma in their luggage will also benefit from this, precisely because it is an approach that is not dogmatic or "strict" or where the goal is for everyone to fit into the same form. Here, everyone is invited to know what works for themselves and there is room to practice and strengthen themselves to find their inner resources.

Everyone in our teaching team has experience of working with trauma in addition to some also having their own experience.

Learn how to integrate the sacred healing tools for transforming and evolving, and how you can embody this to your highest potential.

Meet The Team


Mette Solberg

Main teacher ​


Yoga teacher e-ryt 500 & Gestalt therapist MNGF Mette is educated yoga teacher from Nordiska Yogainstitutet in Stockholm with specialization in therapeutic yoga. She is registered 500 RYT through Yoga Alliance. She is educated Gestalt therapist MNGF by Norwegian Gestaltinstitutt Høyskole with specialization in trauma therapy (Somatic Experiencing) Mette has over 15 years experience of teaching yoga og had a self practice for 20 years. Mettes passion is to support people on their journey to get more in touch with them self and their inner power and recourses


Lisa Mari Kvalvik

Co teacher


Owner & founder of YouMe Yoga.

Lisa Mari work as a yoga teacher, bodyworker and spaceholder.

She is educated in different yoga traditions like Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Chinese medicine, Therapeutic Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, kids yoga and Tantra coach and is per time under ongoing teacher training in Breathwork and

Tantric De- Armouring & Body Therapist in Denmark.

Lisa Mari opened YouMe Yoga studio in Askøy in 2021. She host many different events like courses, workshops and Yoga retreats.  

Lisa Mari have a huge passion for creating these sacred, safe and beautiful spaces and containers where we can come together for healing, transformation and growth.


Jannicke Wiel

Teacher of Yoga Philosophy, mantras and mudras


​ Owner and founder of Oslo Yoga. Jannicke started with yoga in 1989 and lived in Himalaya from 1992-2000. She took her Yoga teacher training in the Himalayas. Jannicke has a PHD in Philosophy and is educated in practical philosophy and in Feldenkraismethod.


Tine Fjeldstad

Teacher of nervous system ​


Owner and founder of Fjeldstad Psykologsenter in Oslo. ​ Tine H. Fjeldstad is educated psychologist from Stockholm, and have many years of experience as clinical specialist in PDT, KAT og CFT. Tine has international license, and offers both individual therapy within psykodynamisk terapi, kognitiv terapi, neuropsychologist etc.



Yoga teacher of somatic bodywork and touch


Owner and founder of Yoga Somatic & Somatic Awareness institute With 25 years of practice in traditional and tantric yoga and somatic studies, ATEEKA shares a yoga that is immediate, fluid and experiential. She is the founder of YogaSOMATICS: a healing and meditative movement approach infused with tantric wisdom, meditation and modern somatic approaches. Her open-hearted style of teaching encourages the innate intelligence of the one’s own body and felt-sense to emerge its own unique and natural way. She has written the book: LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN: Experiments in Living Yoga. ​ https://yogasomatics.teachable.com/p/home www.yoga-somatics.com


Nina Urnes

Teacher of Anatomy


Nina is educated as a social worker and Osteopath, yoga teacher and personal trainer. She work at Klinikk for Alle og HI yoga, both in Majorstuen. Nina has been teaching yoga since 2004 in different yoga traditions and have a deep passion and understanding for the therapeutic effect yoga have on body and mind. She is also a teacher on the Viryayoga Teacher Traning. ​ ​

Lisbeth Christensen

Det var en magisk første helg med Funksjonell anatomi ,lærer Mette Solberg gjennom YouMe Yoga . Jeg følte meg så ivaretatt, glad og fornøyd . Så fine folk og så mye påfyll av lærdom og livsglede . Jeg følte på en mestringsglede som jeg ikke har kjent på lenge , og jeg fikk påfyll til min praksis som yogalærer , men også til min personlige yogapraksis . Dette kan anbefales på det sterkeste!

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Svanhild Hausberg

Det var en god opplevelse å ta utdanning i Funksjonell Anatomi hos YouMe Yoga. Opplegget er gjennomført og jeg følte meg velkommen og ivaretatt. Mette Solberg som hadde kurset er kunnskapsrik og raus. Hun evner å skape en trygg og god atmosfære hvor det er plass til både latter og tårer. Innholdet i utdanningen varierer mellom teori og praksis på en naturlig måte. Jeg anbefaler varmt YouMe Yoga.  For min del var det fint å få enda mer kunnskap om hvordan kroppen fungerer, få nye ideer til øvelser, ha muligheten til å fordype meg i egen praksis og dele erfaringer med andre fine yogier.

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